About The Marmites


 Hi. I’m Julian

Otherwise known as J, Jules or Marmite – take your pick.


My kids crack me up on a regular basis, Louis + Olivia are both mad as frogs!


julian marment photography sennen beach

We have a soft spot for Sennen, we go every year  🙂


My wife, Anna, wants to get married again every year…… I’m very lucky 🙂

More random facts!!!

  • I live to eat, not eat to live  – Nuff said.
  • My cats trip me up every day.
  • I love Mexicans, even though I haven’t been to Mexico… YET!
  • Vienna is gorgeous – Vegas is mad – Sydney was brilliant – Jönköping is beautiful and Bangkok… is Bangkok, I love to travel.
  • Grand Designs is Awesome.
  • Music has to be played LOUD.
  • Film, digital, Polaroid – they all rock!